Kids Martial Arts Classes in Sandy

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Sandy

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In every group of kids one of those friends is the leader, the one that has the most influence over the others. Our goal is to build the confidence to make your kid that leader, strong enough to stand up against peer pressure and stand up for what is right if that time comes. Our Kids Martial Arts program instills ethics like: respect, discipline, and hard work.

At Dragon Brand Martial Arts these important lessons are learned through the effort it takes to develop real skills build a foundation for a life of achievement.

See the Benefits of Kids Martial Arts

  • Upbeat, high-energy Martial Arts & Fitness Classes
  • Core strength and Coordination/Balance enhancing drills
  • Exciting, fun and fast paced punches and kicks to burn fat
  • Practical & effective self defense
  • Listening and concentration building exercises
  • Goal Setting for Greatness exercises
  • Safety and practical Bully prevention tips
  • How to deal with peer pressures

Plus, tons of encouraging praise and reward!

Martial Arts For Kids of All Ages in Troutdale and Gresham

While our standard Kids Martial Arts classes are targeted toward kids ages 7-10, our Little Dragons classes are designed for the energy level and maturity of the 4-6 years old age range. Our goal is to prepare our young ones for a successful scholastic career through Kids Martial Arts. Character building with cooperative games, along with rewarding hard work and individual achievement build the foundation for a strong individual that knows the value of team effort.

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All Kids in the Gresham and Troutdale areas are welcome to partake in our Kids Martial Arts program. If you think this is an activity your kids will enjoy, fill out the form on the side of this page and we will get back to you with all the information you need!

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