Martial Arts Helps Focus

Martial Arts Helps Focus

Having focus in martial arts and in life. Understanding how to have better focus and doing all 4 points of focus Help tremendously with anything you take on.

1. Rating yourself on a scale from 1 to 10
Rating yourself from 1 to 10 with 10 being your best effort, will allow some kind of internal measurement or comparison to take place. Just the act of asking, "is this the best I can do? " will Keep your mind focused and in the right place and push yourself always to improve.

2. Developing healthy competition
The concept of a" healthy " competition (as opposed to unhealthy one) is meant to get the mind focused on the other people your training or working with. Is there Anyone else in class trying harder than you? Yelling louder? Kicking faster? The idea is to note the kind of awareness, and then use the idea to improve your own performance. 

3.Making it real

Asking question where am I, what am I doing and is it real? Is meant to take the student out of practice and into reality Or at least something close. To get your mind and body behind your actions. You must ask yourself am I here just kicking pads or training to defend myself.  My goal when teaching a student how to practice is to get them to make the situation in their own head as real as they possibly can.

4. Coaching yourself

Getting a student to be self analytical of their training performance begins with getting them to ask themselves if their learning anything or improving, While they're practicing.  If they do 10 or 20 or 100 kicks Of a technique is there mind focused on getting better with every  Repetition Or on just getting to the end? The ideas to focus internally on what's being learned why we're doing it, And to seek to improve with each repetition.

I hope this helps bring some understanding 

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