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Dragon Brand Martial Arts Reviews

  • AMAZING! They teach all the right things. Master B, Master King, has turned my son's around. If you are willing to work hard, and learn so much. This is the martial art place for you. My son is doing better in school, had more respect for others. Give this place a call. You won't be sorry!

    Carol Lindsey
  • What a great foundation was set for my daughter's success at dragon brand martial arts. I can't thank you enough for the positive influence and training in courtesy, integrity perseverance and self control!

    Rhonda Spring Durham
  • This is the best place ever. Me and my kids have been here for the last 2 years and our growth as a family and individually has been humbling and amazing. Looking for good people and great training got to try this place out.

    Ginger Matthews
  • If you love this kind of activity,this is the best place to enroll. Very family and budget friendly.Come and join our team!

    Christopher-Althea Lobitaña
  • I concur that DKB MA is the best in the area. Great kids program and patient instructors. They teach good basics and up....great exercise for those just getting active again as well as for those who want to learn self defense. If you are into MMA, this is a good base from which to Springboard into MMA. Teaches great self control, disipline and introduces you to the ranges, arm locks and some beginning grappling.

    Jeanne Capps-Reitz
  • Best place EVER!!

    Julia Clouse

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