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Dragon Brand Martial Arts & Karate of Gresham and Fitness Center Gresham, Oregon
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Free Bully Proof Workshop for Kids in the Gresham Oregon Area
Free Kid Safe Workshop for Kids in the Gresham Oregon Area
Free Adult Self Defense Workshop for Men and Women in the Gresham Oregon area

Welcome to Gresham's Dragon Brand Martial Arts and Kids Karate where Lives are Tranformed while having LOADS OF FUN at the same time!

Here at Dragon Brand Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Gresham, you and your family is guaranteed to have the time of their life! We provide superior martial arts training for kids, teens and adults of all ages – so take the leap and join our community of martial artists, experience all the excitement that the journey to black belt  has to offer. We promise you, everyone’s gonna love it!

Our martial arts experts are professionally trained and incredibly enthusiastic about helping you achieve your goals while having LOADS OF FUN at the same time. They love what they do and you’ll surely agree when you get to see them in action!

Martial Arts for all the Family!

Want to know what’s so great about our martial arts classes? We’ll tell you what’s so great… Our classes offer fun, fitness and self-defense for the entire family! Everyone is welcome here – moms, dads, boys, girls, big kids and little kids. We’re all about having fun at the Dragon Brand Martial Arts school while you shed some pounds and get into shape while making friends and having fun with your family, where else can you do that??!! Kids will go wild with delight at the fantastic fighting (self-defense) moves they learn, while parents will dive headfirst into the fight and whole body fitness training once they realize how easy and how much fun it is!

If you’re looking for a way to drag your eight year-olds from that video game consoles and get them outside and have some Real Fun, then we are the place for you. Bring your whole family here! Kids love martial arts, and we promise that moms and dads will feel exactly the same way!

We provide a safe, positive, social learning environment for people of all ages – young children, teenagers and parents – there’s no one we can’t cater to in our martial arts classes!

Learning martial arts is a BLAST, and we offer many special events year round – SUPER THRILLING and FUN-TASTIC birthday parties, KARATE TOURNAMENTS and LOADS MORE!

What Can You Get From Our Classes?

Not only are our martial arts classes all about enjoying what you are doing, they’re also focused on instilling the following positive attributes in your kids, something that martial arts training is just great for:

  • Respect for others – it’s the only way to success!
  • More confidence – no more shyness or worries about bullying!
  • Self-defense skills – you never know when you might need them!
  • Fitter than ever – our energetic classes will ensure you get into shape in the fastest time possible!
  • Leadership qualities – learn how to handle pressure and make the right decision in any situation!

Become a Martial Arts Expert!

The entire Martial Arts Program is aimed at developing the person as a whole. The final goal of becoming a Black Belt is the TRANSFORMATION of the person inside and out. Students are trained not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. The schedule of classes is flexible and all students can easily find ones that fit their busy schedules. Whether you are a student, parent or working professional, you can always find the right class to train with! There are specialty classes for kids and adults such as occasional Self Defense Workshops, Bully Proof Seminars and other interesting workshops.

Our Trainers are the Best in the Business!

The staff at the Martial Arts and Karate course are highly trained and boast some truly impressive skills, and each one has all received professional training to handle classes in martial arts. More than that, they are trained to educate their students to be disciplined physically, emotionally and mentally. The core values that our team teaches are patience, integrity, respect, self-control and courtesy.

Sign Up Today and Change Your Life – For the Better!

There is no better way to boost your family’s physical skills – coordination, body control, flexibility, reflexes – than through martial arts training. Our classes will ensure you and your family reach PEAK PHYSICAL FITNESS, learn how to defend yourselves and have a WHALE OF A TIME!  Don’t go to the gym, you’ll only get bored. Instead, learn karate and you’ll find that you can never wait for your next class to arrive.

We promise you, your confidence will go SKY-HIGH, and you’ll boost your stamina and fitness to UNHEARD OF new levels – we’ll change you and your kids into brand new healthier people: fitter, stronger, more confident, faster and more self-assured than ever before! Give it a try and see for yourself! We can help you become a Black Belt in Martial Arts, in school, at home and in life!

Call Dragon Brand Martial Arts & Karate of Gresham TODAY at 503-465-5577

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